Babies :|

  I've decided to tackle the topic babies. Brace yourself, as this is a very sensitive topic. Most people think that babies are a blessing, and i totally agree with them. My only problem with babies is that they CRY alot. I meann CRY alot.
    God knows, their crying can make a man wish he was deaf. They can be a pain in the butt at times. Have you ever sat down on a porcupine before? If you have, then that's exactly the pain I feel when i hear babies cry. They cry for everything. They cry when they are hungry, sleepy, sad, angry, hurt. EVERY FUCKING TIME. sighh, i need to calm down. They aren't all that bad. Infact I love babiess. #shoutout to all the babies out there ^_^.
     Really, look at things from my point of view. Why do babies cry?  There is no excuse whatsoever. Oh yeah, i know they are babies and they can't talk, so that's the only way they can express themselves, buuuuut, how sure are we that they aren't really just very small people who pretend as if they can't talk? EXACTLY. You get my point.
     I have sooooo many friends that have babies as their siblings, nieces, nephews.....maybe even as their child. i mean, it is a messed up world we all live in :P. So i have come in contact with alot of babies, and let me tell you, some of them weren't pretty.
     One of these experiences was with my cousin. The little boy is so cute, all i wanted to do was carry him everyday of my life. Yeahhh,it was that bad :'). On this fateful day, I was at his house, and as usual, i wanted to carry me. I mean, when you say  a face that cute, you can't t help but fall in love. So i carried him like the awesome big cousin i am B), and rocked him to sleep. The only problem was that i was in an uncomfortable position and he was on my lap and i needed to stretch my legs. They felt so numb. I then placed him on the bed and went downstairs. Can you imagine? Lab Rats was on. God knows I LOVE THAT SHOW. I sat down on the chair. Mehnnnn, i was chilled. While into the show, i heard some noises coming from upstairs. I was like 'Who in their right mind would be disturbing me while i'm watching my favorite program .__.'.  I increased the volume. I wasn't standing up till this show was over. When it was finally over, i decided to take a quick nap, before going home. Everything was going perfectly well i thought.
       Well, the next thing i remember was being woken up by my aunty.
'koo, where is your cousin', she asked me.
'uhmm, upstairs sleeping', i said.
'okay, i hope you put him in the crib, so he won't fall down', she said. and i was like.....'Auntystandinginfrontofmesaywhaaaaa??' o______________o
'err.....', i turned around looking for answers. Mehnn, my life was hanging on a thin piece of thread.
My aunty quickly ran upstairs, and lo and behold my cousin was on the floor.
'KAOSI OOOO, what is my baby doing on the floor?', she asked screaming. I was like...i was like, mehnn do i really have to answer that? .__.
' I swear, i had kept him on the bed, maybe he felt like sleeping on the floor' >_>. Omgg koss, that's the greatest answer ever. -__-.
     I try as much as possible to stay away from babies. Being the clumsy, impatient, forgetful person i am, i'm quite suprised i haven't yet killed one......by accident of course. Don't get me wrong, i actually LOVE babies. :D. I just like them quiet and calm, maybe a little bit above the age of 3, trust me, we'll get along just fine.


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drops said...

They allways cry. :) But with time you will get used to them