K Bro - Potassuim Bromide?

   My sincere apologies for the messed up title. x I couldn't come up with anything else, and this seemed like the perfect title for this post. You'll understand once you finish reading the post. Hopefully, you'll agree with me.
    So, it all happened on a friday. We had biology last two periods. Our Biology teacher- Miss Nwamu, told us to bring out our textbook- College biology. Mind you, i hate biology. I find it a to be of no use to me. I mean, as long as i have no future in working in a hospital, what do i need biology for? It could probably be more than that, but still.... ._.
     Anywayys. We all brought out our textbook right?, well she wanted to show us the mechanism of the blood moving into the lungs. This particular girl, Reed Bayo. She is a damn right pest. Infact, I'm going to call her PEST. well, pest, didnt have her college biology, and decided to move her chair. So, she moved it, and placed it in between Delilah and i. Well, this pest happened to be obstructing the route of my ventialtion. The worst part was that she smells like pee. I was quite suprised i didn't die of suffocation.
     Oakay, Miss Okhai is done with the college biology. The pest can now go back to her desk seeing as there is no need for her to stay there anymore. 10 minutes go by.She's still there. I can't take this anymore.
      'Tolu, feel free to go back to your desk', i say. She turns and looks at me.
      'K. bro', she replies. I look at this girl, shocked to my bone marrow. I just can't survive this anymore. I excuse myself from the class, and go to use the toilet. Mehnnn, i spent like 30minutes in there. Gadddd.
      So, i return back to class. I am flabbergasted my what i see. This pest has transferred herself from her chair to my own desk and table, and joined it to Delilahs. Mind you, i never ever join my table to Delilahs.
 I walk up to her.
      'Reed, stand up from my chair', i say. She looks at me.
       'Oh, i thought you weren't coming back'. She replies, still on MY seat. It was then i noticed my note wasn't on my table.
        'where is my note', i ask.
        'On the floor', she says.
       It's official. This girl had pissed me of. Asper, kaosi isnt coming back, she's done for the day, so i can take over her seat. Sorry dear, things don't work that way.
       I immediately make the tiny pest stand up and leave my seat. She's gone, I sit. Alright, she's expected to go back top her desk right?...Oh noo, she doesn't. She brings her chair back again and puts it between Delilah and i. Obstructing the route of my ventilation AGAIN.
                                   Ignore, Ignore, ignore.
       I'm minding my own business, trying my best to get over the fact, that i could probably die of insufficient air, and she says to me.
       'What is the IUPAC name of K Bro? Shey, K stands for potassuim and Bro stands for Bromide?
        This was how my facial expression was O_______________________________________O.
        I didn't know how to reply that. Was i to laugh or cry? ): I looked at  Harper and Selena, who were lost for words. Please stopppp ):. how could my teacher had been so oblivious. Its over, That was the last straw.
        With the same facial expression, i stood up and went to the back of the class.
          Potassuim Bromide? Is this life real?  ):

please note that the names used here are not real. Real names have been withheld for obvious reasons....so please don't go searching for  a Harper, or a Delilah, or a Reed.
Thanks. x


Anonymous said...

Loool. I have people like that at my school. They now how to piss people of. ._.

Titoo said...

Haahahaa. I feel for you. :* X